Showcase 7: Creating policies and services the community values


At Showcase 7 we heard from Harvard Professor Mark Moore, of the Kennedy School of Government, Boston - one of the world’s leading figures in public management and leadership. The event also offered the chance to hear from Ruth Ambler, Executive Director of Cabinet Office and the Commissioner for Public Employment, Erma Ranieri about how public servants can take a different approach to policy and service delivery, including through new Cabinet processes.

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“The strategic problem for public managers is to imagine and articulate a vision of public value that can command legitimacy and support — and is operationally doable in the domain for which they have responsibility.” 
Professor Mark Moore, Recognising Public Value (2013)

What is Public Value?

Public value thinking provides an approach to public sector management that puts citizens at the centre of policy and service design and delivery. 

What is the opportunity?

The public value framework helps governments delivery the best outcomes possible for their citizens. It provides a way of approaching policy problems and analysing potential initiatives, and articulates in a consistent way, why the policy or service - expenditure of public funds - is justified.

There are many opportunities to embed public value across the public sector including:

  • clearly expressing the value you seek to deliver and asking if more can be done to improve outcomes
  • collaborating and engaging with our clients, customers and stakeholders
  • adopting public value as an important input into performance measurement
  • exploring public value in the Cabinet Submission templates
  • assessing public value for all policy and service changes
  • using the tools available on the DPC website to help understand and assess challenges and opportunities.

What are we doing already?

For an update on how we are helping to embed public value in the public sector, take a look at the Public Value guide and website information.

Want to know more?

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